Friday, November 6, 2009

Dont you draw anymore?

Yes, I do. Unfortunatly, this time a year most commisions are for Christmas presents, so I can't go around posting all these wonderful gifts and ruin the surprise! So expect a big update in January =)

Here are a few things to hold you over for now...

My ADORABLE neice, whom was a geisha for Halloween. Well I photoshopped her into a Japanese movie poster, Geshia vs Ninjas!

And she inspires me so much, that I just had to draw her in Anime form...

And finally, a recent portrait commission

Ah-Choo! God Bless You!

Ah-Choo! God Bless You
is finally published! It is a fully illustrated Childrens book written by Benny Jahn, and illustrated by yours truly!

Check out the official website here:
You can read about the book, the author, and find contact information.

Or, you can go strait here to buy it:
Buy it now

The better it sells, the more likely we are to continue the series on Jordan!

So check it out and let me know what you think!