Services and Prices

All of my portraits are done by hand in pencil on quality artistic paper. Specialty portraits requiring charcoal or ink and different types of paper are available upon request. A portrait can be done in any size, ranging from a wallet to poster sizes. Below are some of my more common sizes and requests, however, most pieces are looked at on a case by case basis to determine price. All prices are subject to change based on my availability, time frame, and starting image quality.

$30- Standard Black and White 5x7 portrait
$60- Standard Black and White 8x10 portrait
$80- Standard Black and White 11x14 portrait
$60- Pet Black and White 8x10 portrait
$40- Ultrasound Black and White 8x10 portrait

$60- Standard Color 5x7 portrait
$80- Standard Color 8x10 portrait
$160- Standard Color 11x14 portrait
If you look at my gallery you will see that several pieces include additional details like names, poems, and flowers. These too are done by hand and can be added to your piece upon request.

Graphic Design
I do all graphic work in either photoshop or illustrator, depending on which the piece calls for. Vector and layered photoshop files are available upon request. Graphic design is especially hard to price because it is mostly based on the time I spend creating your piece. Listed below is a small list of what I am capable of doing. If you see something you like on my blog, facebook, or website and want to know what the pricing would be for such a piece just ask. The below prices are only for reference and will vary on a case by case basis. Send me an email about what you are after and I will be more than happy to give you a more accurate price quote.

$10+ Banner design
$30+ Logo design
$20+ Monogram design
$30+ Custom illustration
$20+ Business card design
$15+ Invitation design
$5+Photoshop editing (simple)
$30+ Photoshop editing (advanced)