About Me

My name is Chelsey Scott and I am a freelance artist located in Brevard Florida. I am 25 and just recently celebrated my four year wedding anniversary!

I work as a full time Graphic Artist for The Highland Mint, our claim to fame is the Super Bowl Flip Coin, but we make lots of other great sports memorabilia and other custom items for individual company's. I also do design work for our sister company, The Westminster Mint.

My published work includes illustrating a children's book called, Ah-Choo God Bless You by Benny Jahn. You can check it out here at FollowJordansJourneys.com. Four of my designs are also sold  as greeting cards at Foldees.com.

I also do several graphic designs for small businesses, local roller derby teams, brides and musical artists. But I don't stop there, I also do traditional art, specifically pencil portraits, as well as traveling over the country doing street art.