Sunday, January 16, 2011

Entry to Julie Kagawa's Contest!

I know it has been a while since I updated with some new artwork, and I promise I will do that soon. BUT, for now here is my entry for a fan contest hosted by one of my favorite authors, Julie Kagawa. Aside from her books, I just love how much she interacts with her readers. Her is a link to her blog and to the contest page,

This contest is to celebrate her third book coming out in February, Iron Queen. The story centers around a girl named Meaghan Chase who is part human and part fairy. I dont want to get to into the story line, you can google it, but let me tell you that it is very addicting. Awesome fairys and love triangles, what is not to love?

Pictured is Meaghan, Ash, Grim, and Iron Horse. Done in colored pencil and ink I hate how much scanners ruin an image, but alas, it is the only way to get it onto the internet! I compensated by photoshoping a dark city scape into the background, a photo I shot while in NY... In Iron Queen it seems like they are preparing for battle, and from past experience, the female lead character really comes into her own and thats what I tried to capture.

Anyways, click to enlarge. Thanks again Julie Kagawa for hosting such an awesome contest!