Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Swagbucks: Worth a try?

So I know this is primarily an art blog, and that I havn't posted in awhile, but I wanted to take a second to share my experience with a site called Swagbucks.

Search & Win

It is a combination of alot of things; search engine, small game host, survey spot, online videos, special offers, ect... All while offering you "Swagbucks" to do these things, which you can exchange for things like cash or prizes.

•Run "SBTV" in the background while I do other things, earning me 50pts per day.
•Play a few games, 10pts per day.
•There are various other short video's and other easy activity's, about 30pts per day.
•Search and Win, about 15pts per day.
That alone gives you about 100pts per day, not to mention all of the higher paying offer's or surveys you could qualify for. At 450pts you can buy an Amazon gift card (or save up a little more for a paypal one).

I have been a member for a really long time, but only in the past two weeks have I re-discovered its potential and new updates. In that time I have earned about $20 worth of points by not doing very much, just enjoying my time online and maybe a little extra time doing other things, so I wanted to mention it incase anyone else would like to give it a try.

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