Sunday, July 11, 2010

Forever & Always

My design for Foldee's Wedding Invitation contest came in second! I am so excited as I have been in a few contests and this is my first time in the winner's circle.

The theme for this contest was "Modern Fairytale" and I actually had two submissions, both of which are actually on sale. Based on this theme I though tattoo's would be perfect, and the swallow is such a classic tattoo element, plus they symbolize love and fidelity - choosing a mate for life and only nesting with that bird and no other.

You can check out their blog to see the other top wedding cards, or just go straight to their main site to see all of the great cards they have available!

Foldees is a small greeting card company located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia that hosts design competitions in various themes for cards to sell on their site and various retailers. For only $2 each their cards a steal, and totally original and creative! Keep in mind though (for US customers) that shipping can take almost a month, but it is worth it. They are great quality and offer tons of customizable options.


Christine Burgess said...

Hurray for you!! Your work is fabulous. Congrats.

Kelly Warren said...

congratulations! very cool design

OwlSayDesigns said...

I love swallow tattoo designs! Congratulations on placing in the contest! Placing sort of makes you feel validated doesn't it?

cscottdraw said...

Yah it does feel pretty great =) the prize money was nice too. The great thing about Foldee's is that your card is for sale whether you win or loose. Winning is still always a bonus though =)

Thanks for everyone's kind words =)