Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shampoo that Rocks and Conditioner that Rolls!

I buy a decent amount of stuff via my favorite site, Etsy, and I decided to start reviewing some of my more recent (and favorite stuff).

Shampoo that Rocks and Conditioner that Rolls is a sample/travel pack of bar hair products that I bought a few weeks ago. My sister is a hair stylist and always yelling at me for using cheap shampoo/conditioner, so I folded and bought one of her expensive salon products. Well it just wasn’t right to for me; didn’t lather, I went through it more quickly and it left my hair feeling strange… That’s when I decided to try something that was hand made and good for the environment, so after doing some asking around to other etsy buyers, I found GetLathered. She offers a wide variety of products, but since I am headed on vacation I figured I might as well start small and get the travel pack. I am not flying to NY, but if I were this would be great since you cant bring liquids on a plane. I wish I had bought ti last year for my honeymoon to Puerto Rico. The shampoo on the island of Culebra was so expensive that I just washed my hair with body soap and water all week, lol.

I have used it three times so far, but I could tell the difference after the first wash! I wish you could actually feel my hair via blogger because it is incredibly soft! I have pretty greasy hair and I dye it often, but right now you couldn’t tell. It also smells great, the scent doesn’t just wash off when I rinse. I got Thai Coconut and Rosemary Mint Essential Oil Blend, they are both powerfully and kind of minty, but great. It was a weird sensation washing my hair with a bar at first, but it lathers nicely and is pretty easy. I will defiantly be a buyer for life =)

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AmandaRose said...

Soooo cool! Great for traveling!